In the Classroom:
St. Cecilia’s curriculum begins with the Louisiana Department of Education’s Grade Level Standards and College and Career Readiness Standards to guide our students in rigorous, purposeful learning. It is further refined and enriched through the individual needs of our students and school in each subject area. SRA/Open Court is the driving force behind our reading/language program beginning in Pre-K. Renaissance Reading comprises a significant portion of our reading program in grades 1st thru 8th, and contributes greatly to the undeniable fact that St. Cecilia is a school filled with readers in every desirable sense of the word! Our systematic mathematics program begins in Pre-K following a logical scope and sequence through Junior high and is based on rigorous College and Career Readiness Standards.

Administration and faculty are dedicated to the education of every child regardless of his/her learning style and ability level. Faculty members participate regularly in professional development to improve differentiated instruction and assessment. Teachers creatively implement project-based learning (PBL) activities that accomplish standards and skills in a more relevant, differentiated learning experience as well. These PBL experiences extend across subject areas and grade levels, offering collaborative learning opportunities as well. Furthermore, in an effort to reduce the exaggerated learning stressors unique to the adolescent years, SCS implements gender-specific learning environments for the majority of middle school classes, grades 6-8th. This arrangement also affords teachers the ability to differentiate according to gender influenced interests and learning styles.

A vast majority of text books are available to students online and in the classroom, in addition to hard copies issued to each child. Many of our textbooks are also consumable, providing students with reflective “write-in” opportunities for their learning. SCS students participate in the National Spelling Bee and state Quiz Bowl. All students, pre-k thru 5th, participate weekly in vocal music, Physical Education, Library, and Art enrichment. Our junior high students’ enrichment schedule includes a Technology Course, Physical Education, and either Study Skills, Exploratory Art, or Library Science.

The Individual Needs Committee meets regularly to identify students with special learning needs and to prescribe classroom interventions and strategies to better ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed. Our Academic Support Program (ASP) provides services to assist teachers and students in areas of need, whether it is in areas of academic deficiency, enrichment, or assistance. In addition, support services for the gifted and speech therapy are provided through the Lafayette Parish School System.

Integrated technology can be found across the curriculum in every classroom. All teachers have opportunities for extensive professional development. Each classroom is equipped with student computers and IPads. All classrooms utilize interactive Smart Boards and all have access to one in the computer labs. Other rooms have Neo labs affording every student in the class access to word processing and AR testing. Our Junior High ELA classes are also one to one with Chromebooks for technology use daily. As an extension of the classroom, all classes visit the computer lab a minimum of once per week accessing a variety of application software, educational websites, and multimedia programs to enhance their learning.

Standardized Testing at St. Cecilia:
The Stanford 10 achievement test is administered each spring to all students in first and second grade. The Otis-Lennon ability test is administered in the first, 3rd, 5th and 7th grades. ACT Aspire is administered to all students in 3rd – 8th grades in the areas of Reading, English, Writing, Math, and Science. Administrators compile and analyze result data to determine areas for improved curriculum alignment and, together with faculty members, create prescriptive strategies. All new incoming Pre-K and Kindergarten students also complete the DIAL-4 individually administered developmental screening test designed to screen students in the areas of Language, Concepts, and Motor Skills.

Parents enjoy 24/7 online access to student grades, homework assignments, test schedules, classroom policies, calendars, and more.