Spiritual Life

The cornerstone of the spiritual formation of students at Saint Cecilia School is developing a love for the Catholic faith and Christian values within the hearts and minds of every student. This approach to spreading the Gospel message establishes an atmosphere that encourages the awareness of the presence of Jesus Christ throughout each school day. Special emphasis is placed on fostering the development of students in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. The challenge of accepting the awesome and humbling task of teaching as Jesus did comes to our faculty from our patroness, St. Cecilia, for she obeyed God in all things and taught others about Jesus through prayer and music.

Our Religion formation program encompasses many dimensions. Each day our school family begins and ends the day in school wide prayer. Students focus on a saint of the week, a weekly scripture passage and particular prayers being focused on for the month. All students attend weekly Mass on Wednesday mornings, while student prayer services are held each Thursday morning before school, whereby students attend on a voluntary basis. Throughout the liturgical year students are involved in many other experiences such as the Living Rosary, First Friday Adoration, the Way of the Cross, a Pro-Life Walk/Rosary, Penance services, the Crowning of St. Cecilia, the Blessing of the Classrooms, the Last Supper Reenactment, the All Saints Day Program, the Living Way of the Cross, retreats (grades 2-8),  the Live Nativity, vocation chalice/seminarian adoption, the Mass buddy program, St. Joseph’s Altar, Grandparent’s and Mother’s Day liturgies, para-liturgies (PreK-K), and Youth Ministry Club (grades 4-8).

In an effort to help our students become more aware and concerned about the needs of others, we have developed two different methods of action which provide real life experiences of service. Each individual student is required to serve others for a designated amount of time during each nine week period (time varies depending on the grade level). Each class also adopts a service project that they work on together during the school year. Some of the organizations that our school family has supported in the past are: Sacred Heart’s Christmas Food Drive, Coats for Kids, St. Joseph’s Diner, St. Francis’ Diner, St. Jude’s Hospital, the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, St. Secilia of Kenya, Food for the Poor, the Desormeaux Foundation, the diocesan Child Smile project, the 256th Infantry, Rosewood Retirement Community, Carmelite Monastery, Camelot Nursing Home and the Children’s Shelter.

The St. Cecilia Christian Leadership Award is given once a month to one student in each class who exemplifies the image of Christ through their words, actions and deeds on a daily basis. The highest honors bestowed on our students are given on the last day of school each year — the St. Cecilia Christian Leaders of the Year Awards. These students live for Christ as they mirror our patroness in following God’s will.